Project Inspirations

     I first realized that I wanted to make swords when I was only ten years old. I discussed this briefly in my last post, I admit that I first found I wanted to make swords after playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I was seven. At the age of ten, I started doing slight research and at seventeen and eighteen I stepped up my research. I must say that I always wanted to make the Master Sword.

Master Sword, Copyright Nintendo.

Master Sword, Copyright Nintendo.

There are a few hand forged Master Sword replicas, but few are more beautiful than this one:

The Legend of Zelda was by far my first inspiration, but it has only been one of many inspirations. My next inspiration is the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I love his elves as portrayed in his literary works. I also love the way elven artwork was interpreted in the film series by Peter Jackson, though I dislike his many errors to the story.

2nd Age Elven Sword for the LotR movies

2nd Age Elven Sword for the LotR movies


     Not only is the artistry of the blade sweeping and beautiful, but there is also much aesthetic value in the armor as well, which has long caught my attention:

3rd Age Elven Armor

3rd Age Elven Armor

I have an acquaintance who is a swordsmith. Much of his work is inspired by Tolkien as well and he is a brilliant smith and artist!  David DelaGardelle has served as a strong inspiration for my designs as well, even if he focuses more towards the Dwarven aesthetic. Check him out at

Here is a most beautiful example of his work:

Fine Artwork by Dave DelaGardelle

Fine Artwork by Dave DelaGardelle

Sword by David DelaGardelle

     My swords from my last post were inspired by elven design, but I won’t be able to fully execute my designs until I have gained much more experience. I intend to begin again as soon as possible.


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