Sparring and Pads

     This particular post may not be about smithing or blades and armor, but it is indeed 100% related. Today I will discuss equipment for sword training with a partner. I spar with my best friend rather frequently and we use boffers which are oak dowels with pool noodles slid onto them. These actually offer rather good protection from even rather hard blows to arms and torso. Fingers and head are still not safe though for many reasons. The main reason for my friend and myself is that after blocking many hard blows we deal at one another, the pool noodle can be torn or crushed into the oak core. Many people use PVC cores but we worried we would break them and this lead to our choice to use oak.

     Due to these issues, I have come to realize that I must eventually purchase, at minimum, some sort of padded gloves and a helmet.

I found a hockey helmet for about $50, gloves for $30-$50, and shoulder/chest protection for $60! These are good examples:

pTSA-10533949dt brine11_KINGIII_main hockey_gear_review_4

     My only issue is that the helmet cage may still allow a wooden sword through to the eyes. To remedy this, I have considered using stainless steel jump rings to cover the gaps. For visibility, perhaps use a Japanese style weave:


     Hope you all enjoy! I will continue this topic another time!


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