Chainmail Decorations!

I am getting married in 7 months. For the wedding, we are having a traditional ceremony, but a Medieval/Renaissance themed wedding. One part of this I am most excited about is what I am making for the groomsmen.  Since I have shared this blog with Facebook, I cannot tell here what I am making for them! One of them knows, but it is a surprise to the other!

Anyway, what I wanted to post about is some of the decorations I will be making for the reception! I will be using chainmail rings and colored aluminum scales to make flowers which are candle skirts for tea light candles! It is actually a rather difficult project and gets pretty frustrating when the piece slips out of my pliers, but I am still enjoying the process so far! Here is an example of what these will look like when completed:

1338009526_384577457_4-Lotus-Flower-Tea-Candle-Skirts-chainmail-For-Sale il_fullxfull.278926490

Once I have finished one, I will post an update!

I am also going to make a chain garland with colored chains and scales!


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