Leather Work: Vambraces

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Since this blog is about both weapon and armor crafting, I will be talking a decent bit about smithing, but I will also talk a bit about woodworking and leather work. The photos above are of the right arm piece of a pair of vambraces I made out of scrap leather. I bought a 2 lb bag of farmer’s saddle grade leather at the local Michael’s craft store and immediately found some nice, large pieces I could use. I knew I would use the leather strips that came with the scrap to bind the pieces together, but at first, I wasn’t sure how I would make the holes. I then remembered that I had an X-Acto knife. For those who do not know what an X-Acto knife is, it is sort of a utility scalpel. It cut through that thick leather like it was nothing and that greatly improved the speed of the project. The knife is actually the only tool I used.

Anyway, this pair was made entirely for decoration, but I could probably also use them as armor for sparring with wooden swords. I could pretty easily convert these into real armor pieces by sewing more leather layers onto them or by riveting pieces of strap steel onto the back of the bracers, and I may do exactly that. Either that or I will use a woodburner to burn designs into the leather.

I intend to make more of these in the future and begin to sell them. I am thinking $25 or $30 for a pair of decorative ones and $45 or $50 for actual armor pieces. I am currently limited to scrap, but I may be able to work my way up to whole pieces of this type of leather eventually, improving the look and function of my pieces.

I have future plans to create a leather chest piece, but I do not yet know when that will be. As stated in my last post, I already have a lot to save up for and do for my wedding!


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