Affordable Basic Forge!

As I have said a few times, once I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in May, I will start my own forge and begin practicing and working. At first, I was worried I would have to go through the semi-complicated process of building a brake drum forge, one of the most simple, least expensive methods of building a standing forge.


     Don’t get me wrong, the brake drum forge really isn’t all that complicated, but I have been trying to avoid having to do any welding. I can weld, but I have no welder and I haven’t done any welding in about four years. I have also been a bit curious about how easy it would be to find old brake drums in scrap and junk yards. It was then that I someone informed me of something someone had told me once before: I can make an adequate forge out of a hole in the ground!

ground forge

     A tutorial I found suggested having the end of a pipe just down at the base of the sire, but I had the idea to do mine the same way is in the picture–Using a plumbing pipe with an endcap on one end with holes drilled along the length to allow even airflow. This allows for even heating. I can then attach a hose to the other end of the pipe and attach any form of air source to the other end of the hose, whether a crank blower, a hair dryer, a bellows, or a shop vac.

     Now, as for an anvil, I do not have either an anvil or a piece of railroad track, but I have something that may work better for me! I have two small, old bulldozer blades which are heavy enough to be used as anvils. They will be perfect if I mount them to a stump which has been partially buried. Once I have that set up, I can then sit on the ground to heat and forge my steel!

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Affordable Basic Forge!

    • Thank you so much! Will do! And my only worry right now is it’s been raining a lot lately. I may have to put the extra work into making a brake drum forge anyway if the rain gets too bad.

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