Leather Armor: Aesthetic Creativity

Many types of armor have been used throughout the millenia. Maille of many types worldwide, leather armor, lamellar of metal or of leather, brigandine, plate, etc. Each was labor intensive and quite expensive, though for richer customers, armorers could make quite beautiful decorative armor.

Today I will be discussing modern leather armor. As we know, leather armor is not currently used in the modern world, but many reenactors have begun to create leather armor suits to substitute plate steel suits for reasons of weight, cost, and artistry.

Here are some examples of beautiful leather armor suits and pieces:


Leather_Armor_and_Helm_by_random_soul orckish_leather_armor_by_zapan99-d30gkjn fantasy__leather_armor_by_i_tavaron_i-d4xpsnf leatherdarkelfarmor5 Elf-Leather-Cuirass-brown1 Lamellar_leather_armour 104328-drachenreiter-lederruestung-gruen-dragon-rider-leather-armour-green

I fully intend to make my own leather armor similar to these pieces someday!


4 thoughts on “Leather Armor: Aesthetic Creativity

  1. Great looking leather work – Wouldn’t this type have been used at some point and time in history? Lighter, easier to put on and off. I am thinking Archers or light infantry troops, etc.

    • I wish I could call this my own. For now I can only look at pictures and get ideas for future projects. Either way, hardened leather was often used by archers and light infantry for sure, but maybe nothing quite like these. Very common was brigandine and lamellar, etc.

  2. By chance do you have a pattern for the dragon leather armor? I would like to try to make it for the sca and more or less make it into brigandine armor.

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