A Long Overdue Update

Please forgive me, viewers, I have been quite busy and have very little to show for it!


First off, I promised more updates on forge progress. I must say that I have nothing. I built a very simple, working hole in the ground setup but I never got to use it because it rained every single day. I was going to hand forge swords to give to my groomsmen for my wedding, which was on September 21st, but I never got to do so, so I bought some tactical wakizashi and customized them myself by shaving down the rubber handles, wrapping them with leather and wire, then adding some simple embellishments to the sheath.  I do not currently have any available photos of these but I hope to get some soon to share!


I also have some ideas for a few training weapons and armor pieces floating around in my head involving bars of mild steel flat stock. Please stick with me and continue ti bug me about updates if interested!


Thank you so much!




P.S. The wedding was beautiful and I did manage to complete the ten chainmail flowers I promised I would make as centerpieces! I am open to making some on commission if you wish to contact me about any ideas, including training weapons or shields!



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