Incomplete Posts

It has come to my attention that some of my older posts from when I was first starting this blog are not entirely completed. I must have honestly forgotten to finish articulating the ideas I was considering due to being busy with school at the time. I apologize to all who have viewed them! Anyway, over time I will be steadily fixing and completing these incomplete posts!


Thanks everyone and have a great day!


Custom Sword Designs!

Hello all! As I have said before in the past: One’s weapon should be of their own preference and function. Your sword should be your own!  In the heart of that principle, a friend and  I came up with our own desired sword designs and I drew them! There will be a bit of technical jargon, but hopefully you all can still appreciate the designs!

This sword design is mine!  I wish it to actually be similar to a swiss saber bastard sword– Leather-wrapped wooden upper grip, the rest of the handle is solid steel-extended pommel style.  Blade length of about 30 or 32 inches and I suppose the base of blade would be between 2 and 3 inches wide with distal taper down to 1.5 inches or so before the point.I want a fuller stretching from the guard to to last third or quarter of the blade, where the back edge will be sharpened the rest of the way down. I also want the entire hilt assembly to be about 10 or 11 inches in length, leaving the grip length at about 7 or 8 inches–enough for one hand to cover the leather-covered grip and the rest of the steel extended pommel for my second hand. POB of around 3 inches. I want a slight curve to the blade.


My Sword

This is my friend’s sword! His sword will have very similar specs to mine except that his is a tactical hand-and-a-half saber. Solid steel with cord-wrapped handle–integral guard on edge-side only and completely single-edged.

Stephen's Sword

My friend and I both appreciate the beauty of a single-edged, curved sword like those of elven fantasy design but have noticed that there is little functional quality to them since many of them do not have handguards, so we designed our own!